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This article examines the problems of waste disposal and recycling in Kazakhstan. The dynamic process of urbanization, population growth, increased consumption of goods and services has its contradictory socio-economic consequences. Republic of Kazakhstan, as part of the global economic and ecological systems, faced with the problem of serious deterioration of natural resources and environment for the most important environmental indicators: emissions of harmful substances, open landfills, soil contamination by solid waste of inorganic origin, etc. The authors note that in modern conditions it is necessary to ask the question: “How much waste is exported, how much is processed and how much is buried?” Modern approaches in recycling and gardening waste based on 3R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The authors conducted an economic analysis of waste management in Kazakhstan and of main problems, typical for the market of recyclable materials and recycling. Among the methods of solving problems of waste utilization and recycling is: extended producer responsibility (EPR) for the disposal and recycling of waste after using goods, which were released and sold on the market. Development and implementation of educational projects for the public about the aims and objectives of the system of separate waste collection, public funding and legislative support for specialized enterprises for recycling and waste recycling, the mechanism of “green procurement” with a view to stimulating demand for goods produced from waste, etc.

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С. Т. Жакупова

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